Being an independent engineer office working on a national and international level, we have specialized in the following areas:  
Roomacoustic and Sound Reinforcement Systems

Audio andVideo Systems

Communikations-and Data Systems

Expert's Reports and Verification
  ADA Acoustic Design Ahnert is user of the software packages developed in the own office or by the sister company SDA Software Design Ahnert GmbH.

This includes the Simulation Software EASE, which has been constantly further developed by ADA since 1990. As Windows-Version 4.1, this software is actually used in 40 countries. It allows modeling interior rooms and open-air spaces in 3D-representation as well as assigning acoustic properties to the wall and ceiling materials used. By locating sound sources (from a total of approx. 2000 original sources and loudspeakers or Line Arrays produced by 72 manufacturers) in the room or space considered, it is possible to compute acoustic parameters and properties at listener seats or on audience areas (Probe and mapping representation).

The Measuring Software EASERA >>> developed by SDA is capable of generating diverse excitation signals (All-in-one-Paket) for measuring and thus evaluating the transmission properties of interior rooms and open-air spaces, but also of electrical equipment. The results obtained by a simulation are thus easily verifyable.
--- ADA NEW's ---
The new EASE 4.2 along with the new Generic Loudspeaker Library (GLL) interface and the EASE SpeakerLab software is released now.
Free upgrade for all EASE 4.0/4.1 user is available via the AFMG Download Portal.

3 Day EASE Seminar
28 th, 29 th and 30 th April 2010
Location: ADA Acoustic Design Ahnert, Berlin, Germany
Language: English